The railway tracks have been laid

Today we make history. Lucid Ocean has been developing a software solution for a client, and its an evolution of a revolution in the property industry. The client is clicktopurchase(r) and the solution sits on which allows agents, sellers, buyers and solicitors a platform for interacting and coordinating a digital property sale. A Property Execution Platform that uses a workflow, digital signatures and certificates, verifications with anti-money laundering as well as blockchain data anchoring.

We created and implemented a first for digital contract exchanges on a mobile device, a first for Ireland, a first for the UK, and now a first for contract exchanges on a blockchain.

Figuratively speaking, we have created a new set of railway tracks, running from here to the future. We welcome coach builders, city planners and passengers. Blockchain is set to change the world, and while many initiatives are seeking finances, conducting ICO’s and prototyping, we have been building a solution that works. The platform has already conducted more than £175 million worth of property exchanges.

clicktopurchase(r) enables sellers and seller’s agents a single button for private-treaty, real-time auction and ‘best offers’ which leads to a quick and painless execution process which is legally binding, certain and comes with transparency. The platform is extensible and agile coming with API, JavaScript API, Widgets and Developer features.

Lucid Ocean – You Dream, We Create