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Hybrid Applications

We create hybrid web apps

Mobile Devices are pervasive. We are all using our phones to browse the internet and do things on the move.

We expect apps to work, when we are not in the office. We want to plan, take notes, book appointments, reply to project deadlines. We want our apps to augment us.

Runs in a Browser

The modern browser is becoming a killer app in it's own right. You can now code for webcams, geolocation, notifications and even sensors on the device.

We build Hybrid applications that run within a WebView. We utilize Cordova. We use W3C standard technologies.

Runs like an app

The Hybrid app installs and runs like a native application. We utilize cordova as the bridge between native and our javascript code.

We can access your camera, upload images, request permissions and Intents for sensors and many device permissions.

Tenant Application

{ Hybrid Web Application }

The Tenant Hybrid Application, is available in both Apple and Android stores. We build the hybrid application on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using Cordova platform.

Hybrid Applications

Multiple skins

{ Custom Branded Themes }

Find out, how we build white-label, or branded applications. You can provide your customers with their own custom branded apps, or have various skins for yours.

Hybrid App example

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