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First AI Bot Auctioneer Press Edit

Lucid Ocean built and runs the world's first AI Bot Auctioneer on behalf of and for

Dublin house auction in world first for AI

The bot is intelligent, as it monitors the behaviour of the realtime auctionroom, which is mimicking a real ballroom auction.

The technology used was C# .NET and WebSockets for realtime communication.

The AI Auctioneer was given the name gAbI, and is currently running auctions on

There have been many auctions with a real result, see the video below showing the world first.

BlockChain Development for Property Industry Press Edit

Lucid Ocean developed two amazing blockchain solutions in 10 weeks.

Clicktopurchase Adds Blockchain

Clicktopurchase is a leading platform for selling property online. Lucid Ocean developed the system, and then adding blockchain anchoring, one of the world's first audited property exchange logged to a blockchain. Over 200 assets are listed in the blockchain with more than 25k transactions.

Lucid Ocean also developed the open source library, used by a number of other software houses, found on GitHub

which includes the Blockchain Explorer UI, found [here]