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Custom Web Design

Handcrafted Web Design Cape Town

Looking to take your business to greater heights? Look no further, Lucid Ocean has the amazing ability to create and convert any website into a hand crafted masterpiece. We cover website conversions with lightning fast loading speeds, SEO improvements, hosting and even convert your website into an app (See PWA).

Get Started For Free! Meeting with us doesn’t cost you a cent. Take advantage of our time and knowledge and lets start a conversation. Any budget can do something towards the end goal.


Lucid Ocean transforms websites with lightning fast loading speeds, always adopting new technologies for excellence among user experiences along with awesome web design. Who doesn't want to install their website on their phone?


Having your business appear up first on search engines is of most importance in this digital age. Lucid Ocean will get you into the top ranks ensuring an appearance with the correct search terms and in turn will surely result in more business interest and/or conversions.


Lucid Ocean offers hosting as a service. We offer linux or Windows based hosting and ensure a secure hosting experience. Keep your digital experience simple and easy with an all in one web design package.

Hand Crafted

No Wordpress or heavy frameworks are used. We adopt new, fast and efficient web technologies for excellent user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Our web design is highly responsive and mobile friendly.

Web Design Cape Town

Web Design

With the introduction of the digital age all businesses require a website. Every business wants more business and the web is a fundamental tool to reach thousands of potential clients. Most if not all web design agencies use heavy based frameworks such as Wordpress, why? Wordpress is an easy to use framework that can easily generate a slow website which may look good.

Lucid Ocean takes control, with our innovative ways and ideas, by implementing a range of front-end frameworks such as Bootsrap and MaterializeCSS, all built with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The direction which ensures fast loading speeds, greater user experience and longer user engagement with the ultimate goal of generating more business.

Web build apps
Web build apps
Web build apps

Web Design Cape Town

Responsive Web Design

All this hand crafted, hard work has its perks. Our websites developed here in the heart of Cape Town are highly responsive, What does this mean? It means that your beautiful web design can be viewed on all sorts of devices with the lovely look and feel you require.

Get Started For Free! Meeting with us doesn’t cost you a cent. Take advantage of our time and knowledge and lets start a conversation and chat about how our web design services can work for you.

bespoke web design


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO,
plays a major role in businesses whom wish for a successful web presence.

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your website for search engine purposes, many companies have a large budget set out for SEO work to be carried out to ensure a healthy web presence.

Lucid Ocean offers SEO foundations for your website as well as advanced SEO with a common goal of higher rankings on search engine platforms.


Intelligent Websites

The Future is here!

Lucid Ocean offers the Progressive Web Application. This ensures a positive website performance.

The PWA contributes to faster loading speeds due to intelligent caching implementations. This aids SEO improvement and user engagement.

An example of ONI Import Export's installed PWA on desktop, also see ISU Technologies, an example of our web design services.


More information can be found on our PWA page.
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Search Engine Optimization

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