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Progressive Web Applications


A progressive web app or PWA is quite literally the future of the web. A PWA has the ability to turn your website into a mobile app. The technology is still new and many regard it as the next "big thing" in the tech world.


When a webpage is launched it is estimated that more than 50% of users will abandon the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. With advanced caching the PWA transforms your website with lightning fast loading speed.

  • Intelligent caching
  • Beats bad networks
  • Preloading assets


A service worker, powered by JavaScript, pre caches key resources for use incase of bad network. The website can even run in an offline state keeping the user constantly engaged with your content.

  • Asset Management
  • Powerful Service Worker
  • Instant Experience


PWA's are installable on the users device adopting the traditional native app features without the need for an app store. The website or PWA is easily accessed on the users homescreen making it effortless to browse.

  • Live on Home Screen
  • Immersive Full Screen
  • Push Notifications

Get the app feel

Sound good?

We think so! All of us here at {}.Lucid Ocean are very excited about the future of PWA's. We love building them and we would love to build your very own PWA. Whether you are a developer or a business owner wanting to get ahead of the rest, we at {}.Lucid Ocean are willing to help. PWA is here and here to stay, get onboard early before this movement leaves you behind with an old website that is tortoise like. Click on the button below to get the real feel for a PWA.


The App Feel

The user interface(UI) can be styled in a way that could replicate the traditional app downloaded from the app store.

These are lightning fast apps and really add to a positive user experience(UX) and keep the user engaged, sounds like a perfect tool for any business.

PWA's are not just low data, fast, reliable and engaging.

They can also boost the searchability of your app.

PWA's are great for search engine optimization(SEO). The fast loading speeds can benefit your SEO strategy due to being indexed quickly.

PWA's have contributed to business success accross the world with more time spent per visitor.

The Numbers

Top companies from around the globe are adopting the infamous Progressive Web App.

Pinterest had an engagement increase by nearly 60% after introducing their PWA. Forbes'

PWA load time averages 2.5 seconds. OLX also reported over 200% after introducing the push notification functionality.

Alibaba converted more than 70% of users to the mobile web experience after introducing the amazing PWA.

There are many companies adopting the new technology, such as:


The Future is here!

Lucid Ocean offers the Progressive Web Application, turning your website into an app which is installable on a mobile device.

The PWA contributes to faster loading speeds due to intelligent caching implementations. This aids SEO improvement and user engagement.

Full app like features can be implemented to the PWA such as push notifications, app UI/UX and offline browsing.


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