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We have created a set of development patterns, which includes some unique twists.

Our development patterns are influenced by agile methods. We do not have a fixed process, but we have a set of strong development patterns to guide dynamic processes.

Top Level Life-cycle aspects
Our Process with colour codes

Development Pattern

Continuous Delivery

Short Iterations :: Feedback Loop :: Backlog :: Vision

Our iterations typically last 5 days. We implement the 4 life-cycle aspects into each iteration.


The 4 areas of design, process, architecture, application, user-experience


Coding paradigms, Object-Oriented, Service-Oriented. Design Patterns and best practices.


Effective process and quality control with automated tests to offset deployment.


Continuous Integration and Deployment as the final destination for short iterations.

Example Activity Stream

The Dev Dashboad (Coming Soon), will show you development activites, in real-time.
You will get your own login, and each iteration will be tracked.