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Bespoke Software

There have been many success stories of individuals or groups that have developed an idea with software, converting some into millionaires. That idea or dream you may have had can be realized, Lucid Ocean develops custom software products.


Developed with commonly used front-end technology such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript giving them cross-platform functionality.

  • Quicker development cycle
  • Access hardware on device
  • App Store markets


Lucid Ocean believes in great code integrity. We develop with healthy practices and write clean effective code.

  • Clean codebase
  • Fast Deployment
  • Positive Experience


Lucid Ocean ensures consistent user experience (UX) across platform regardless of device. We require the user to have a smooth easy experience.

  • Faster updates
  • Smooth integration
  • Great feel

Software Service

Custom Software Development

Our custom software service platform allows us to create cloud software applications and platforms in record time. Code-named Atlantis, the software comes with plugin architecture, data layers, reporting, email, event triggers and much more.

We have designed our components to be versatile, reusable and highly maintainable solutions to enable Rapid Application Development (RAD). Our software-as-a-service model is also mirrored in our pricing and development costs. Software can be expensive to develop and maintain.

Lucid Ocean's traditonal

Work Flow

Lucid Ocean Work Flow

We opt for small bullet point lists, vision, and objectives, rather than extensive requirements.

We rather discuss things with you properly and jot down an accurate vision and set of objectives, than be the slave to a document that grows unwieldy.

Bespoke software


Custom Software Globally

"Lucid Ocean continues to provide passion and dedication to our project and we have forged a great partnership where our product has grown into something that is simpler, more compact and the obvious result of good software development practices. We continue to get great support and recommend Jonathan and his team."

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Bespoke software


A platform for buying and selling property online (online property execution).

It provides the facility for a legally binding clicktopurchase exchange of contracts (Digitally Signed) to be conducted electronically as part of the sales process.

Digital Signatures | Blockchain | KYC | Real-Time Auction | Cloud Application | Amazon AWS

Delivering Hope

Custom Software South Africa

Lucid Ocean develops the administrative software that aids the foundation in filtering and moving applications forward through their selections process. Bursary applications have been open since August and has received over 8000 applications.

Over the years, we have been there for more than 5000 students who have received bursaries. We hope these students work hard. You never know, perhaps one of these students will be working for us when they complete.

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