Lucid Ocean enables buyers to purchase commercial properties online with Over £175 million transacted.

What is clicktopurchase® ?

clicktourchase® is an online property execution platform. Agents can add properties, that appear on their website as a widget. Bidders register and make offers on the property. On Acceptance, a memorandum of sale and digital signatures are created. Attorneys, Agents, Seller and Buyer participate in a transparent execution process. The system generates more than 60 email types for the processes, and agents are in control on behalf of their seller.
  • LucidOcean Data
  • LucidOcean Security
  • Microsoft SignalR
  • Microsoft MSMQ
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft MVC.NET

Getting started

After a good number of days, pouring through ideas, processes and what the client wished for the system, we set to work designing the overall architecture and user experience. Our UI developer, started with mood boards, updating the clicktopurchase® logo and presenting the colours, UI feel and presentation side of the project, while the Application Architect designed the structure, methodology and design of the overall application.

From Website to SaaS application

It was very important from the start to design an architecture that was both practical for a streamlined system, as well as agile for expansion and growth. Where and how menus were created on the UI, to how the system organised its database and API’s, the designs were thought through with great care. The application required a new look homepage and website, but also required other more application oriented features, such as JavaScript API (known as CAPI) with embedded widget capabilities to dashboards and administrative areas that managed the system. The agent was the primary actor in the first iteration of the development, and we carefully designed an easy to use experience that allowed agents to conduct the processes with ease and little training. The system was designed to be an easy to get started system, but lots of start-to-finish guides and videos were also made available.

Responsive and cross platform

From the start, cross browser and responsive design was very important. 3rd party websites were to use our widgets, so it was important that they were designed to have no negative impact on the hosting site.
Different sites would embed a JavaScript code, that would enable their clicktopurchase® properties to be listed within their website. The widget opens and slides out, showing properties to potential bidders. Bidders can apply to make an offer, called the verification process (anti-money laundering regulations) and make an offer. The offer if accepts would create digital contracts and an exchange would occur. This can take place all inside the embedded widget.
Image above shows an agency using the clicktopurchase® widget. As you can see, sales have executed through the platform.


The system is designed to run on really small servers in a standalone model, or in a load balanced scenario with multiple databases and servers. The architecture includes Activity Queues where long running processes can execute. Emails are queued and processed separately, Documents are stored in Amazon S3 and the database is optimised for performance and load.
The system is designed using software design patterns such as layers, wrappers, facades with careful design placed on key areas. For example, the money laundering processes was designed to be changed or expanded on by use of a workflow and finite state machine.
The database technology used, is our very own ORM, simply named Lucid Ocean Data, which is a fast data layer with object model persistence. The layer uses SQL Server, stored procedures, views and transactions to create a safe environment for the data.
Amazon provides a robust environment and we schedule database backups, image backups and monitor the performance of services with APIs and alarms.
– Email Templates and Designers
– Email Senders lists
– Database Compression and Backups
– Document Ordering and Management
– Branding and Skinning
– UI and Regional Cultures (UK,Ireland, Scotland)
– Workflow and Status processes
– Auditing and Statistics – Anti-Money Laundering Process
– Property Contract Exchange Process
– Digital Signatures
– Multi-tenancy Website design
– SSL, User Roles and Security
– Agency, Solicitor, Bidder, Buyer and other roles
– Real-Time Auction resulting in Online Property Exchange
– Expired Offers, Private Treaty and Auction channels
– JavaScript API and embedded Widgets

What our client has to say

I founded clicktopurchase® in 2010. clicktopurchase® is an online execution platform for buying/selling property.

After the development of the first version it was clear that the software required a team that not only understood the technical side to evolve the product technically, but also have the vision to guide our technical efforts. we knew we needed a superior code base, good functional features and a solid platform to build on as the brand evolves.
We wanted a service provider that can design UI, design code, design architecture and provide all round professional development services from design to operations. We also wanted to get the very highest quality that could be achieved.

Lucid Ocean provided us with a team that delivered. From the start, they guided and impressed us with their quick uptake of our existing product goals and features. They diplomatically and pragmatically advised on all aspects of the development. Lucid Ocean continues to provide passion and dedication to our project and we have forged a great partnership where our product has grown into something that is simpler, more compact and the obvious result of good software development practices.

If you wish to take your current solution to the next level, Lucid Ocean is the company that will see your vision, guide you towards that goal and they will realize it on your behalf.

We continue to get great support and recommend Jonathan and his team.

Neil Singer – clicktopurchase®

Comes with powerful features

Anti-Money Laundering

To abide by UK regulations, we created a simple, yet powerful way to conform. We track the events and store it in an audit trail, for agents to prove their diligence.
Verification Process
Bidder's Initial Deposit
Legal Data Room
X509 Encryption
Digital Signatures
Real-Time Auction
BlockChain Anchoring


We have also developed the clicktopurchase® blockchain, with data anchoring, round robin mining and blockchain explorer. All this was built using MultiChain, C# and MVC.NET.
The process from buyer verification to accepting offers online, are all stored against addresses within the blockchain. The property assets are held within the blockchain and moved to the new owner on contracts exchanged.
“When you have purchased a property using clicktopurchase®, you have absolute proof of the right to ownership. When you come to sell, a buyer can completely rely upon your record. Intermediaries will have a reduced role, solicitors will have less to check and it raises questions as to the future need for the Land Registry.”
Neil Singer, CEO clicktopurchase®