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The Development process

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We follow agile methods as far as it is pragmatic to do so. True agility is not following a particular methodology that may float around the ether, but rather select processes that suit your environment and people. That’s what we do. Documentation changes, and requires updating to align itself with requirements, changes in vision or […]

The Materialization of Abstractions

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The Materialization of abstractions Almost no one would disagree that software lies within abstractions and that the future lies within more abstractions. If you disagree, it may be because you find abstractions annoying and difficult to handle. However, we require abstractions to further the boundaries of reuse and improve the abilities of frameworks. Unfortunately its […]

Effective Approach to Pragmatism in Software Design

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Effective Approach to Pragmatism in Software Design “You can ignore Design, but it won’t ignore you.” Designing an object-oriented or a service-oriented architecture for a domain (horizontal or vertical), requires a wide range of talents. Design is one of those activities where most believe they can design, Crudely paraphrasing Richard Feynman, “If you think you […]

Solve for tomorrow

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Software is commonly written by a mentality of present-thinking. The approach is to get it done, to the specification as quickly as possible. Is it ready yet? Even with good intentions, or a solid emphasis on robustness and good design from a managing architect, the end of a project cycle gets complicated. Mix a development […]