WordPress or Custom Website

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disclaimer: This is not anti WordPress, but WordPress is not a solution for every occasion. Over the years, WordPress has grown into the defacto, industry leader with millions of sites. This blog is written on it and the PHP based software has many positives. But there is a limit to what WordPress can do. There […]

CSaaS – The overview

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Custom software can be an expensive undertaking, and many clients look at software for their internal productivity or a website with some additional functions. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but let us open your eyes to the possibilities. Software-as-a-Service is a term used by the industry to describe software that is available to […]

Software as an Asset

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The Lucid Ocean blog is focused on business and the relationship with software. You are our clients, we provide solutions to you, and we must understand each other better. Your success is vital for us to succeed. The software we create must be productive and provide you with a WIN. With our focus on you, […]