Lucid Ocean partners with the MultiChain Blockchain Platform

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When observing the blockchain ecosystem, the landscape is filled with dreams, startups and fantastical ideas. However, increasingly the offerings are real solutions to real problems. Amidst all the hype, complexity, misunderstandings or overzealous uptake, lies a core fundamental technology that is empowering and capable. BlockChain, is an immutable distributed ledger and is a here and […]

Technology choices and Project Consequences

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This article is aimed at those we have custom software built for them or intend to and look to understand the technology choices. Developers get to experience hundreds of technologies. Technologies come and go, get popular, fall back to oblivion or hang around without merit. A developer must not only learn technologies to stay current, […]

Web as Platform

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When you speak of software evolution and bring the developers with decades of experience, you can talk about the good ol’ days when desktop was the number one platform. Windows applications and cross operating system projects were the norm 20 years ago, and is still true for many application genres. 3D design will probably stay […]

How software quotes and budgets really work

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Typically software providers will provide vastly different quotes. The difference comes from their subjective views. If you want similar prices, you must guide your providers to think about your software in a similar way. The unknowns in software, the implicit requirements, the kinds of expectations people have, all make software time-lines and features a purely […]

Website Integration projects

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Website integration is one of the many terms used to describe websites that interact with other websites. Integrations can be done with various services provided by others. Other services would interact together and combine into a seamless activity. Common integrations are API (Application Programming Interface) for payment gateways or authentication methods like oAuth integration. These […]

Cloud and Web Tools

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Just like you, we are a business that requires tools to operate more productively. Alongside some desktop applications we utilize MailChimp, Microsoft Project, Trello, Toggle, ZenDesk, Skype and much more. We have our own software too. For example, we use Trello in all sorts of ways. Have a look at a Trello board we created. […]

Big Data

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Currently the world is a buzz with 5 new technologies, AI, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Drones and the technology they will all depend on more and more, Big Data. Big Data is collection and data warehousing on incredible scales. Smart cities will be/are powered by Big Data. What is FitBit’s most powerful feature? The trends […]