Blockchain services

Rapid blockchain prototyping | SideChains | Private Blockchains | Data Anchoring
  • Analysis and Functional Requirements
  • Design, Developing and testing of blockchain solutions
  • Project Management
  • Business Requirements and strategy
  • Advice and Consulting
  • Rapid prototyping

What we offer

Whether its payments with bitcoin, anchoring on a blockchain or integrating your application with blockchain technologies, we can help you get there.
We are a MultiChain Platform Partner

opensource contribution

We code for blockchain. Our blockchain explorer and API wrapper written in C# (available in Nuget Package Manager) for MultiChain’s JSON RPC API is opensource. MultiChain is compatible with bitcoincore.
We develop solutions for blockchain, as well as product development that integrates and utilizes the power of a blockchain. Internet, Intranet and extranet chains can be created, depending on your requirements. is live and running in England, Wales and Ireland using an intranet private blockchain for the property industry.
Lucid Ocean delivered our blockchain solution with integration into our existing property execution platform. They knew what was needed and they created it in record time. Our business is gaining more publicity and the value of immutability and transparency only adds to our value.
Neil Singer

Disrupt your industry with blockchain

Whether you require rapid prototyping of a blockchain concept, bitcoin anchoring, or a a complete private/public blockchain, we can develop your strategy in-house and help you discover the technology.

Primary Industries

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Property
  • Reward Schemes
  • Currency
  • Fraud and Compliancy
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Supply chain
  • Government
  • Identity
  • Workflow