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Blockchain is a resourceful invention. Blockchain technology serves as a platform that allows the transit of digital information without the risk of being copied.

What we offer

Whether its payments with bitcoin, anchoring on a blockchain or integrating your application with blockchain technologies, we can help you get there.

  • Analysis and Functional Requirements
  • Design, Developing and testing of blockchain solutions
  • Project Management
  • Business Requirements and strategy
  • Advice and Consulting
  • Rapid prototyping

Top Threats

Top Threats and Pitfalls to BlockChain

There are a lot of businesses surrounding themselves with soothsayers, committee organizers, association disruptors, marketers, developers and consultants in the blockchain space. There are also a lot of great views and debates regarding block chain. Many have valid points and many have ambiguous beliefs.

With every idea, there is passion. Lets hope that the ones that are shouting from roof-tops don’t go too far in their zest, calm their egos and admit, that blockchain is a database and they are just ‘liking’ the idea of it. The technology is elegant.

A fork is when a set of developers decide to take the existing code, clone it and do the changes they desire. The developers get frustrated and go their separate ways. Known forks that have resulted in a split, or a fragmentation of bitcoin in some way include Bitcoin XT, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, LiteCoin, Dash, Zcash and recently Bitcoin Cash and possibly Bitcoin gold.

These are tremendously damaging to the overall architecture and ecosystems at this early stage in the technologies lifespan. Bitcoin is young and requires nurturing, not divorce and custody battles.


Disrupt your industry with blockchain

How the emerging BlockChain could affect you

BlockChain is a difficult technology to grasp at first and takes a bit of time investment and some technical ability to get to the bottom of how it works. Your business is invariably dependent on assets, whether its currency, equipment, documents or code. All assets, where knowing who owns it, is vital, will be placed in a block chain.

If you need to ensure one copy of the asset exists (no double spend) or keep track of a contract of sale, or require immutable auditing and transactional data, it will be placed in a block chain. Governance, regulators, compliance, securities, assets and insurance alongside your marketing, like loyalty and reward programmes, will all be placed in a block chain.

Whether you require rapid prototyping of a blockchain concept, bitcoin anchoring, or a a complete private/public blockchain, we can develop your strategy in-house and help you discover the technology.


  • Rapid blockchain prototyping
  • SideChains
  • Private Blockchains
  • Data Anchoring


Blockchain for Property

BlockChain entry points for property industry

The property industry encompasses a wide variety of actors and processes, across industries. Whether its land registry or lenders, agents or financial institutions, the interchange between them, is vast. The data flows in documents,emails, websites, databases, telephone and is literally a big ball of mud. There is a lot to making a sale. If an agent can pick up a phone and make a sale without email, they would. If they can make a sale without blockchain, they will. Uptake in the property industry will be hard at first, but once the hurdles are overcome and the all round management of a sale becomes halved in time and easier, the technology will be take up.

Land registry

There is a lot of movement in this area. Startups and PoC projects abound, like ChromaWay, Teranet, Sweden’s Lantmäteriet and the UK’s ‘Digital Street’ is starting up. The Republic of Georgia is been heavily involved here too. Land Registry is a natural starting point as it aligns well with colored coins and the whole assets in a blockchain methodologies. Land registry is viewed as the ownership point of property. Rightly or wrongly, the majority of startups are led to this area.


The Republic of Georgia is also extending its reach into purchasing. clicktopurchase, a London based startup, is now anchoring audit and contract exchanges in a block chain and is actively seeking to expand the blockchain to include your property data. Here, the smart contract is the logical meeting place with blockchain, hence why many are jumping to the first technologies that sound like they are smartcontract ‘enabled’, like ethereum. However, the smart contract, and a contract of sale, need not be the same thing at all. In fact, having code within the blockchain that ‘executes’ is not neccesarily the ideal architecture for property contracts. With saying this, the majority of startups think of smartcontracts as neccesary.


The insurance industry is also a point of endeavour for blockchain thinkers. The benefits here are said to include minimising fraud and alleviated paper work. As a result, all the thinking goes directly to smartcontracts, whether this is the correct approach or not.

Estate Agents

BlockChain will help agents in a variety of small tasks. There roles as an intermediatory is reflected by the small but large amount of processes they are involved in. Examples of blockchain facilities for agents, include anti-money laundering, notaries, identity verifications, proof of due diligence, as well as smartcontracts for sales. clicktopurchase is already aiding the agent for Anti-Money Laundering.

Inspections and Evaluations

This area is a little overlooked at the moment, but includes all the relevant certifications, agents and properties require when conducting sales. Inspection reports can be made transparent and available, with all relevant data being moved with an asset on the blockchain to the new wallet. ie. Inspectors can be booked online and the certificate transferred to your digital asset. This can be made available on the chain.