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BlockchainForProperty Edit

Blockchain for the property industry. We invite interested parties to enquire about our BlockchainForProperty initiative. We invite you to join our community, which shall record and facilitate transparency and allow all of us to have a vote in how we build and evolve the blockchain.

Whatever your role, size of business, or internal technologies are, we can enable you into a pragmatic blockchain ecosystem.

The benefits will be

  • learning blockchain technology
  • blockchain consulting
  • Remote Process Automation consulting
  • Access to the Blockchain with your own nodes
  • Instruction and tutorials

  • Increase your transparency

  • Increase your business to business partners
  • Modernize and move with the curve
  • Add certainty, accountability, auditing and tracking to your processes
  • Protect yourself in an increasingly difficult set of rules
  • Consolidation and greater speed across the chain