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Covid-19 Report Edit

As you are aware, the coronavirus known as covid-19, is fast spreading around the world. Cases have been confirmed in Singapore, England and South Africa, our main operating areas.

  • All staff are now working from home.
  • Normal support and development operations continue
  • Face-to-face meetings are now to be held on zoom, skype or conference calls as deemed by the client.
  • We have requested all our staff limit their exposure to others and reduce their activities


We are also undergoing an economic crisis and electricity shortages. Our staff may be hit by loadshedding as well. At the time of writing, we have suffered 7.5 hours of outage in a 24 hour period. In a way, spreading the staff to their homes, may alleviate some of the stress of the entire team being down.

We thank you for your business and understanding. We will continue to do our best to satisfy all issues and endeavour to continue to provide excellent service.