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7th January 2020: Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117 Edit

As a team who use Chrome in everyday work, we are always excited with new shiny updates. Over the last 10 years, Google Chrome has led the way in bringing the new web. We wont forget the FireFox team and all the hard work they put into their great browser, but with the advent of Google Chrome, we have really seen a great more collaboration and wonderful new features.

To celebrate Google Chrome in general, here are a few wonderful, healthy and friendly things to know about the browser:

Update your browser, go here chrome://settings/help

Play with feature flags chrome://flags/

Task Manager

See what is running in Chrome, shows serviceworkers, tabs, extensions and more. SHIFT+ESC

Casting straight from your browser You can cast your tab or desktop to a compatible device. Can't live without this feature.

Installing PWA from the Omnibox Yes, its a great way for developers to build app like features and get them installed easily on user devices.

Drag more than one tab Hold control key and select multiple tabs, drag them as one.

Cloud Printing Yes folks you can connect to any of your devices which has a printer setup. Read about Cloud Printing

IntersectionObserver Awesome.