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Websites, Web Design, Web Applications and PWA Edit

The web is constantly evolving. In 2010, it was clear, that the browser was going to become the platform for apps. Today in 2020, we are on the cusp of making it a full blown reality, with huge strides forward and possibilities.

Next generation websites The next generation of websites will be installed on devices and behave very much like apps.

Web Designers Web designers have to become savvy in a wider range of technologies. It is not simply enough to know bootstrap or Wordpress, you have to be able to build ServiceWorkers, Notifications, battery statuses, dark mode and hundreds of new fantastic API's and features.

Web Applications More and more, web applications have to deal with more than just one type of audience. Instead of building a website for marketing, a backoffice system for staff and other separate apps, the opportunities are in fact in the middle, where the application is multi-tenanted, service-oriented and deeply productive.

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