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Every business is a software business Edit

We are experts in taking business from their traditional know-hows (where they may have a web presence), to a more technology focus towards a more productive, modern and rejuvenated state.

Largely speaking,

  • We do this by training and education
  • We do this by improving productivity with technologies
  • We help create new value experiences (in your case for you and members)
  • We automate and reduce paper, increase digital capacity

In a nutshell we can take business from swimming - to flying.


Did you know people are sometimes scared of technology? People are also not going to understand how technology would help their business. But thats ok, you need someone to help you. You know your business, but these days, it's not the full picture. More and more technology each year is changing the face of business.

We offer training in 'thinking about technology', 'using technology'. We offer a wide set of knowledge areas for the small enterprise wanting to update themselves.


Sometimes it's a simple process change, a new off-the-shelf system that would save time and effort, and sometimes its helping you create new channels and new markets. It really depends on your business and ideals. We understand technology and quite simply, we can transform your day to day.

Where to start?

We can start in your office, on your website or anywhere in between. The first steps is to allow us into your world, where we can understand your day to day, staff roles and current landscape. We then look at what we can do to have maximum impact. We discuss budgets, time-frames and issues in order to create your action plan.

We have turned a loan company from 6 applications per day to 3 digit numbers. We have changed website traffic from zero to hero, application forms from 500 to 1000. We have changed businesses who concentrate on paper to having paper in some areas. Whether it's saving on ink and paper, or saving time creating a report, we can create a plan for a budget and a plan towards upgrading your business.