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The Obligations of software creators Edit

We software designers, creators and sellers sofware services have to take the role we have, seriously.

The obligations of software creators to clients, to customers and to the code itself is a set of obligations that must be followed. It is our ethical duty to provide quality. Outsourcing must not become a dirty word. We as custom software developers, who build software for internal and well as software product use, have always taken our jobs seriously. It's not about price. Don't cut on price, cut features. Don't cut quality, cut features.

Clients and Software Providers have an obligation to their users. Software Providers and their clients have to partner for win-win success.

Every business is a software business

If you are Boeing, Burger King or the local taxi firm you arealso a software business. You utilize hardware that utilizes software. You have to decide when the software gets updated. You have to protect you network and your data. You have privacy issues, security, networking, wifi, email and you definitely have a website. All of these things use software. You also most likely use an app of some descript, like SageOne or Pastel, Excel or a mobile app with a list of contacts.

If you do not think of yourself as a software business, then you are not on top of your software requirements or the issues surroundsurrounding it. It would be the same as thinking KFC is not in the raising of chickens business. The truth is, they are.

It is a necessity to take care of your vehicle fleet, keep your vehicles licensed, insured and maintained. In the same way, it is neccesary to take care of your Windows' licenses, Microsoft Office licenses and your email accounts. Even making decisions on which browser to use, what network security to use, is entirely up to you. If you choose to ignore it, like a car it may break down.

Responsibility as a Service Provider

As a service provider, who writes software for others, you have a larger responsibility. You need to maintain your business costs, licenses and everything else, but you need to advise and support your clients. If they don't understand, it's your duty to help them. Basing your services on 'cheap', means that you end up doing little. Offering your services on the cheap, means you get distracted, detoured and attentioned changes to others easily.

If you sign a client, they are yours. Protect them. Guide them and do well by them. In the same way, a client must enable the provider to do their job correctly.

Responsibility of a client to a Service Provider

It's really not about cheap. You will get monkeys. You have to consider your long term relationship and work out a win-win situation. What you need, you may not be able to afford. What you require could be built over a longer period of time. The push to cheaper outsourcing locations, should not be based on price. Where would you rate the following aspects with regards to price? Do you put price above the following things?

  • quality
  • communication skills
  • experts
  • how many features you get
  • how many features you get that actually work
  • timely execution


To be blunt. Some Service Providers are shameful. They drivemarketing ard on low price, they feed of clients who want low prices and they satisfy that need, for better or mainly worse. Some Service Providers don't complete their duties, bite off too much for a low price. They or provide lowqualit

To be blunt. Some companies operate on price as the priority. They drive hard to reduce costs, much to their own detriment. They play hard-ball, and think of a cheap price as winning the battle. They squeeze and demand more, demand lower prices.

The fact. Drive lower prices, get lower talent. Accept lower prices, create low quality.

Why on earth are we accepting this as the new normal?

Lets' create a Software Developer Bar