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Web Design Services Edit

We want to create useful experiences. If we build you a website, we want that website to WORK for you. We want the form, the application, the editing or uploading of files, so that your workload is reduced. Your customers want online experiences. They want the ease of use, and ease of online systems.

People search for services, fill in forms, get the delivery times, get a notification when its arrived, signed it digitally and love their purchase. They don't want paper work, paper copies, emails with attachments. Business Solutions transform the website into usable features.

Web Design

It all starts with a website. We are experts in bringing the non technical, non-online business to the web. We know how you operate, and we can operate within budgets, proving your ROI. Whatever your budget, we can make something work online towards an end goal.

We start with an appealing domain name, catchy graphics and smart look and feel. We build all the standard stuff, SEO basics, logo, some wording, contact form and so on. A simple website is born.

We then look at your business and how we can bring a process to your site. Perhaps its an order form, or a specific form to a specific department. We look at your business capabilities, processes and help you bring an aspect of it to your site. This means your clients get an account on your website. They can view and interact with the process you need.

Perhaps its bookings, they can book and check availability themselves. Perhaps its complicated forms and uploads, let's get the client to do that from within the site behind a secure login, and put your files in the cloud.

Web Design becomes process

Your business is probably driven by paper, lots of paper. This is where we can help you change that. It may be a business-to-business process we can automate. Perhaps its better communication via an app to your customers. Perhaps its facilitating an ordering process with statuses and notifications. Whatever works for your budget and your business, we will find it.

Your website then evolves into a platform for you and your customers. Web design used to be about website, then a web presence, then content like blog, but its way past that now. It's UBER-fication time.

Is your business ready and willing?

We can help you get your business online and web enabled. Paperless may still be a dream, but we can take you closer.

Once, we hooked up a client's copier to the cloud, and now documents are scanned directly from the copier to cloud file system. The name of the file when scanned, places the file into the correct application. Something that easy can save hours and hours of time.

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