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Lucid Ocean Business Solutions Edit

Lucid Ocean Business Solutions is a leading creator of bespoke development solutions and business workflow / process management.

Bespoke Business Solutions that sit on enterprise grade foundations. Whether it's Business Workflow discovery, Business Process Automation or a combination of manual and automated systems, we can create a process that streamlines your operations.


Experience in Media and Publishing, Assets management, Insurance, Cosmetics, Loan Origination, Commercial and Residential Property Management, Sales and even Inspections, Lucid Ocean understands how technology moves through people and process. From magazines and newspapers, to cosmetic formulations or instrumentation, we have delivered on a wide variety of vertical markets and touched on many different processes.

We have a team who get to grips with your current processes, who understand small business, but also standards and compliance.


We can develop your complete bespoke business solution in a variety of languages and platforms evaluated on what is best for your business. Outsource the project management, the design and the development. We manage and deliver successful business solutions every year.

Business Solutions

Competitive advantage, agile thinking, quick response times and increasing channels, we know business and can create a business model and plan for your business solutions. We believe that your business should be agile and capable of responding to the environment. Your business solution requires an agile platform and agile code to enable an agile business.

Our Software Architects and designers, will shape your software for tomorrow, while still delivering solutions for today. We are talented at creating roadmaps and designing for your future, while thinking about your past (integration with legacy), and your present.

Hybrid Technologies

Your business may use Windows, Linux, desktop and mobile devices. Your business may have internal servers and a combination of cloud services. We can work within a wide range of technologies, to streamline your IT management. We deliver technologies that work where it's needed. We can integrate with Microsoft platforms, Salesforce, SAP, open-source platforms or we can build your own custom eco-system tailored to your business.

SLA / Code Licensing

We have a great Service Level Agreement that enables your business and doesn't let you down when you need it the most. We also have the Wave Business License 1 and 1.1, to enable your code wonership and partnerships.

Lucid Ocean takes care of it's customers and we can adjust your Business Solutions and Business Requirements in a responsive and agile way.