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Nova Partnership Edit

The Nova Partnership is a new way of developing software in terms of licensing, cost of development and project involvement. Where more than one company wishes a platform, we will jointly develop the core platform with a set of partners.

The partners are assembled to create a core piece of software where the cost of development is evenly distributed between partners and ourselves the provider.

Typically custom software only has one stakeholder and source code one owner. In this traditional setup, it can be rather costly to create custom software.

We still offer this, but the Nova Partnership is a means to share the cost of development and the advantages of the software, and then customize the last 20%, which provides your competitive advantage.

As a result, the Nova Partnership, intends to faciliate more software development for more businesses, who may not have considered getting custom software.

The Nova Partnership gets its name from the first software development project to use this system of development, the Nova Product Suite.

The Nova Product Suite

The Nova Product Suite is a software system aimed at the property industry, specifically inspections and maintenance. The software will be developed using the Nova Partnership Development System, and will be announced soon. If you are an Inspector, or your business involves property inspections, we would love for you to contact us so we can share more information with you.