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Explaining our new tagline Edit

As a custom development software house, operating across many industries, you meet a lot of different people. We have worked for amazingly gifted people, technically challenged people and it's such a wide range, that its difficult to sometimes communitate at one level. You need to use layman words, buzz words, expert terminologies but then you can still falter.

We wanted a slogan that showed our vast range of abilities, but also to show how people can get from one place to another in an agile world.

The tagline signifies our willingness to do a range of activities fit for purpose. If you need to FLY, we can help. If you are crawling, we can make life better. We really understand the different aspects of development, and the different people involved, allowing us to truly help as much as we can.

Therefore we may not offer SEO, but we know a lot of about it and we can help our clients. If they need a push to get to the next level, we are often the ones to boost them to that next level without hiring another team.

logo and design?

Even logos and design. We have designed many logos in our time, and we will never be a graphics company. We have designed logos and websites for small companies who received our versions with fanfare, and when they were ready for the next level, we gave them a graphics designer to complete a brand experience.

Mobile Apps and websites?

Absolutely, if you need a website, and we can build you one, it's because together we are going to help you grow, and when you need the app, we can build it. We are your 1-stop shop but it's based on where you are, not what we can do.

We want to get you flying.