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ONI Import Export Success Story Edit

ONI Import Export Success Story

The web is vast and getting your name in the search results is critical. Lucid Ocean recently created a quick, light-weight website for

We wanted to get them on the results as quickly as we could and set about creating a structure and set of wording that would fast track oni to high up the results.

After just 6 weeks, oni is appearing in over 30 keywords, often on page 1.

Example: import export juice

How quickly can your website appear in Google?

It can take longer and depend on many factors, but usually within 4 days, your first homepage would be listed. It may be appearing on page 30, and Google will crawl the site again for a better decision on where your domain should appear, this is when you may get a few more (hopefull all) pages index.

Can you guarantee number 1?

It would be irresponsible for anyone to state categorically that they can place you on Number 1 in a search results. Google changes their algorithm, things can go wrong, so it's unlikely to be guaranteed. There are many SEO experts that have years of links with good tankings all around the internet and its also true that grey and unethical means may secure it, but its no guarantee. Instead, most experts will aim high, but won't guarantee it.

Will I stay on the top?

No. There are many companies competing for position. As soon as a few companies have better seo scores, yours may go down in position. You have to constantly evaluate and check where you are and make adjustments. Remember, Google may change how they do something, knocking you off the results. It's best to stay vigilant and have a dedicated person looking out for you.

How do you do it

At Lucid Ocean, we only do SEO for clients that we maintain and develop websites for, applications or mobile applications for. We do not consult or simply do SEO for external sites. We evaluate the keyword landscape, trends and regional bias, where we create a set of keywords (bigrams/trigrams). We carefully look at density and saturation, together with good content, to create a strategy. We are not aggressive in our SEO, as we do not use excessive, malformed content to get you there. We still like readability over machines. We monitor and enhance our strategy over time to keep your site relevant.