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Marketing your website Edit

Marketing your website takes on many forms. The more places you type it, print it, write it, the better. Your website needs visitors and has to be found. Just having a website doesn't automatically mean business is good.

A website requires a few foundational things.

  • quick loading times
  • modern and fresh
  • useful information

A good website, also has

  • readability
  • likeability

Getting your website found on Google

We build content and utilize bigrams and trigrams to facilitate Google in indexing you better in the search results. We create content utilizing keywords to gain some ground in google. For example, if you are an import export company, you want to be found if you are

Oni, happens to be one of our clients and we have promoted their site from an SEO standpoint, from the time of writing this for 30 days. We concentrated on keywords like import, export, company, vegetables, plastics and so on. You can click here to see where they are in Google for import export company

We hope ONI are now on page 1 for import export company. They were at the time of writing, but Google and competitors are always competing to get to the top, and that's why SEO is a continuous activity, if you want good results.

So we increase your visibility in Google using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.