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What is a PWA? Edit

A PWA (Progressive Web App) is an application written with web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML, which runs in a browser just as a website does.

However, the PWA gets access to the new HTML5 API's and functionality such as Notifications, Camera and Microphone. Then just as a native app can access your images, or record audio, so can the PWA.

Ultimately the features that were reserved only for native apps on devices, is now capable with the modern browser.

Some features of a PWA

  • installs on your device
  • has an icon on your device
  • can receive notifications
  • can run on your desktop
  • can utilize caching and localstorage
  • runs just like an app
  • runs just like a website

Here are some companies who are already taking advantage. reported 40% lower bounce rate, and a 30% faster experience. The Washington Post had a 23% increase in mobile search users who return within 7 days.

Our own website is also now a PWA and through careful planning, efficient code and caching - our site is also a lot faster.

We believe the PWA will slowly take over native applications. A new way of building applications is now here, with onone codebase, rather than different ones for each platform.

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