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Hybrid Web Apps Edit

A Hybrid app is an app that looks and feels, and runs on your mobile device. The app is installed from the app stores, it runs on Android and IOS. The hybrid app is written with web technologies, so that it can also run in the browser. The hybrid app is not written in C#, Java or Swift, it is written in TypeScript, JavaScript and other web driven technologies.

Cordova and TypeScript

You don't need React or Vue, you can build the hybrid experience with JavaScript and deploy with the cordova platform. This is a very good option for light-weight content driven apps. We build REST API or Microservices that are utilized by trhe browser Fetch API and create single page applications that run on the mobile phone.

PWA experience

The next step in mobile experiences, is when your website becomes an app and vice-versa. The ability for your website to act and feel like an app is becoming more of a reality daily. We are here, working with PWA experiences as we know it is the future of app development.