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Developing Web Experiences Edit

Since 2004, Lucid Ocean has been developing applications for desktop and web. We have created very interesting products for clients, including SCORM Course Players, Event Scheduling and Recipe Formulations for cosmetics. We have even built an online presence for a newspaper.

We pride ourselves in being all round developers with a wide variety of skills.

From copywriting, SEO to Architectural design, we have been involved with all aspects of software product development.

Web Experience?

A web experience covers a wide arena. We provide experiences for developers and end-users. We also provide experiences on devices, browsers and desktop (with web technologies). We are a web enabled company.

  • We design API's consumed by all clients including web
  • We integrate with other API
  • We develop websites
  • We create business applications that are run on the web
  • We deploy to the cloud
  • We build User Interfaces and User Experiences
  • We evaluate user feedback
  • We do support for your users
  • We create PWA's


We utilize many technologies, but here are a few top level platforms and languages we utilize.

  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • CSS

Arthur Online required a world class API, but legacy code prevented the creation of such a completely new architecture. We created an architecture that enables an API to be partitioned, queued and maintains many of the MicroService Architecture patterns. A Microservice is a service that is fine-grained and contextually independent. Arthur Online is in phase 1 of this development, but well on their way to a decoupled world class API.