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Custom Software Products

We build custom software products for our clients around the world.

Lucid Ocean has been developing bespoke software products, for a wide range of industries. Our experience is in building bespoke hand-crafted solutions, built on a good selection of platforms. We develop custom software that runs on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and many platforms like Azure and AWS.

Beyond Agile

We are a highly agile bespoke development team, with experience in SCRUM, DSDM and Lean methods, but we are agile in that we don't follow a strict agile method.
We design, implement and create custom software development solutions according to a bespoke Lean approach as designed by us and our clients. We utilize a wide variety of tools and processes.

Proven Track-record

Loan Origination, Loan Application Management, Property Execution Platform, Blockchain anchoring, Digital Signatures, One-Time-Pin, and many more successful deployments.

Bursary and Grant Application Management, Learning Management and a successful SCORM player.

Web build apps


NVA Property Suite

With the all new PWA technology, We have developed an exciting property inspection application with interesting functionality and business opportunities to connect you with them. We truly enjoy making software WORK for business.


Inspection related

We have built bespoke software to facilitate the needs of all inspectors, agents, property gurus and all other related personnel. NOVA has the ability to do most of the work required in a fraction of the time in a neat professional manner.


Bookings and Inspections

Managing the work is vital. The goal is to deliver a quality product, aimed at the correct market, with a Minimal Viable Product at its core. With NOVA you can create bookings and conduct inspections in no time.


Safe Secure Storage

All your data and documents are safely uploaded and stored securely in the cloud. These documents can be accessed and shared at any time with all relevant parties. No need to go back to the office and print or email documents as this can be accomplished all by the touch of a button.


Invoices and Quotes

With NOVA you can create quotes and invoices directly on the app with a professional interface. Add your logo and any items you wish to cover on these detailed financial documents. This is safely secured in the cloud and also can be shared with relevant parties.

Web build apps

custom software development

Business Solutions

We can build software to provide business solutions for your vertical.

Lucid Ocean has been developing bespoke software products, for a wide range of industries. Our experience is in building bespoke software to create and enhance business solutions for any vertical market. Every business is a software business and here at {}.Lucid Ocean we offer long term partnerships and relationships with all of our clients.

Part 1: Oversight

Product Development

We can facilitate and manage the entire product, or be part of your team that does. A successful product requires an active agile vision, continuous feedback and delivery.


Support, You and your customers

Continuous Market Research and Strategic planning is important to maintain a products life. Software technologies that are strong one year, may decline the next. Being agile and adaptive to the changes in the market is vital for a successful software product. We support your customers and you. We find and deliver to your market.


Management of Vision and Delivery

Managing the vision is vital. The goal is to deliver a quality product, aimed at the correct market, with a Minimal Viable Product at its core. Day to day, things can change, and how you adapt is vital. The aim is to stay constant while changing when necessary. The vision must be tweaked to stay relevant.

Business Solutions work in the same way. We build bespoke business solutions.


Research, Business Models to UX

The software product does not stand by itself. How the product is presented, your strategy and business models are integral to timing and success. We believe that the right product can fail due to an outdated business model and an average product can be transformed by the right functional and timed business model.

For Business Solutions, we research your processes and find improvements that can make a real difference.


Business and Software process

We offer consulting and guidance for product management. We train, develop and manage software products, including road maps, dependency and change management through to completely transforming the business and software processes. We want transformation and disruption but understand stability and durability.

In Business Solutions, we can manage your bespoke software and managed cloud server solutions.

Part 2: Continuous Development

Building the Product

Lucid Ocean successfully strives to integrate the latest roles for cutting edge software products.


Architectural to UX Design


Quality implementations!


Cloud Servers and Containers!


You and your customers

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