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Companies big and small rely on us.

Custom Software for Small and Medium Business

Custom software can be affordable if it has the right returns. We build productive, intelligent and agile software that moves your business forward.

Customised Workflow and Tools

Starts with data - ends with data


We build custom dashboards with the data you need. Each role, or branch can get a customized dashboard.

Dashboards provide a complete overview of the system.


Pie, Timeline, Bar and other charts provide visualization to what may be boring data.

Visualizing your data and getting a sense of trends and analytics is an important feature


We provide Management Reports for View and Print. Excel, Word or PDF Reports are generated on request or automatically forwarded to users.

Our Reports feature a wide variety of functionality from simple CSV, to Excel with Charts, to Word Documents.


Our Databases are designed for performance and robustness.

We primarily use Microsoft SQL Server and build for it's advanced data handling capabilities.


Documents are an integral part of modern business. We design Word Documents, PDF or other with templates, data merge and document storage.

We provide functions that allow file uploads, files as attachments as well as bulk document creation.


We build Business Forms: Application Forms, Contracts, Registration, Bookings and other.

Forms are processed and managed in an Administration system. We build form wizards, statuses, and workflow around your form data.